Configuring Transformers#

Transformers can be configured through three different options: --transform (-t), --load-transformer and --configure (-c). They share the same syntax for parameter names and values.

  • --configure simply provides the configuration to the transformer,

  • --transform is used to include only transformers that have --transform option,

  • --load-transformer is used to load user transformers. Read more at External transformers.

For example:

robotidy --transform NormalizeNewLines:test_case_lines=2 src
robotidy --configure NormalizeNewLines:test_case_lines=2 src
robotidy --configure NormalizeNewLines:test_case_lines=1 --load-transformer src

With first command robotidy will run only NormalizeNewLines transformer and it will configure it with test_case_lines = 2.

Second command robotidy will run all of the transformers and will configure NormalizeNewLines with test_case_lines = 2.

Third command will run all of the transformers, configure NormalizeNewLines with test_case_lines = 1 and import user transformer MyCustomTransformer with param=value configuration.

You can also run all transformers except selected ones. For that you need to configure transformer you want to exclude with enabled parameter:

robotidy --configure TRANSFORMER_NAME:enabled=False src

This parameter can be also used to run non default transformer together with default ones:

robotidy -c SmartSortKeywords:enabled=True src


To see list of available transformers run:

robotidy --list

The basic syntax for supplying parameters is TRANSFORMER_NAME:param=value. You can chain multiple parameters using ::

robotidy --configure TRANSFORMER_NAME:param=value:param=value2 src

To see how to configure transformers using configuration files see Configuration file.

Migrating from robot.tidy#

If you want to achieve the output closest to the output from old robot.tidy use following configuration:

configure = [
    "MergeAndOrderSections: order = settings,variables,testcases,keywords,comments",
    "OrderSettings: keyword_before = arguments,documentation,tags,timeout",
    "OrderSettingsSection: new_lines_between_groups = 0",
    "AlignSettingsSection: min_width = 18",
    "AlignVariablesSection: min_width = 18"